ProBix Staking Platform

Probix Tutorial


                   This is a step-by-step guide to help everyone new to the “Probix” platform, a decentralized earning system based on BIXB Coin payments. Here you can learn how Probix works and how you can start an earning plan on Probix by examples. But first of all, to register in Probix, it’s required to provide a reference code. You need to ask for a referral code from a Probix user who already has at least an active plan on Probix to continue registration. Then, follow these steps:




  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Join Us” or “Sign Up.”



  1. Insert your name, email address, unique user name, and reference code, and type a unique password including numbers & letters twice, check the confirmation box and then press “Sign Up.”





  1. Probix will send a confirmation to your email once you sign up. Go to your email; if you can’t find it in your inbox, don’t forget to check the spam folder. However, if you still haven’t received any email from Probix, click on “Resend Email.”

  1. On the received email, click “Verify Email Address.” It will redirect you to the Probix website; everything is ready to start using Probix services now!



  1. Click “Deposit” in your dashboard to see your deposit address. You can copy the address or scan the QR code to transfer some BIXB from a wallet or exchange to your Probix account. 



  1. After transferring BIXB to your account, the amount will be shown in the “Balance” section. Now you can choose a plan based on your balance. Go to “Plans,” read the details and specific conditions of each one carefully, and select your desired package. 

There’s a 0% plan provided for any user who only wants to try Probix and doesn’t intend to buy a plan yet. It helps you have a complete experience of using the Probix platform with no concern.



  1. After choosing a plan, insert the required amount (a number between the minimum and maximum amount allowed in the plan description) and press “Buy.”





  1. After receiving the confirmation, you can see your plan details in “My Plans” on your dashboard.



  1. By clicking on “View,” you can see more details about your plans. Also, you can cancel it by pressing the “Cancel Plan” button. This option will be available one month after the date you started the plan.



  1. All transactions you made, and all rewards and payments from Probix are visible on “Transaction.” They are automatically sorted by date and transparently show all the details about the transferred or received amounts.



  1. All payment amounts are visible in your balance, and you can withdraw all the amount anytime. First, you must provide a withdrawal address in the profile section. In “Profile,” you can edit your information, copy your referral code and insert a withdrawal address. All withdrawn Bixbcoins will be transferred to the same address as long as the withdrawal address is unchanged. 



  1. Go to the “Withdraw” section on your dashboard after providing the withdrawal address. For your security, the system will ask you to re-enter your password to continue. Then, you can insert the desired amount based on your balance and click on “Withdraw.” Once the blockchain confirmations are complete, you will receive your BIXBCoin at the provided address. (It may take some time, and a minimum transaction fee will be deducted from the transferred amount.)