What is OxiTrader


OxiTrader is an earning platform that helps you earn interest through multi-level marketing. Here is a complete learning, including examples that help you have a whole experience over this website without registration. 

OxiTrader Tutorial

1- Go to

2- Click on Login/Sign up

3- Choose “Marketer Registration.”

4- Fill in the “Position Code” bar with the referral code you already have received from another OxiTrader user. Provide all the required information to complete registration.

When the registration is completed, return to “Log in”, insert your username and password, and sign in.

5- There are different packages in the “Products” section on the header menu; you can find more details about each by clicking “View.” Also, you can increase the quantity using the arrow.

6- To purchase the selected package, click “Add to card.” Select “Back to shop” if you want to buy another product, or choose “Check out” to complete your ongoing purchase.

7- When clicking “Check out,” the website shows your shopping details. In this step, you can enter your discount code (if you have one) and continue to the “Next step.”

8- In the next step, review your profile information and insert a description. Also, choose the position and click “Next step.”

In the new window, click “Complete Purchase.” It will redirect you to the BIXBWallet Web. You should sign in to your wallet, or if you don’t already have a wallet, you need to create one.

8- From the profile section, go to your dashboard as below:

When trying to enter your Dashboard, usually a pop-up appears in the same window. You must pay attention to these pop-ups as they are important messages for all users.

9- You will find more information here, such as “Sales Group,” “Total Orders,” and essential Announcements.

In the top menu, go to Information, and click “Profile.” In this section, you can edit your information, such as your Email address. Also, you can insert your wallet address into the blank box. 

Attention: You can only insert the wallet address once. You’ll need to ask the support team and complete your KYC to change it in the future. It is for your own safety.

10- In the “Information” tab, there’s also a “Wallet” option. In this section, you will find all details of your transactions. Most essential options are described below:


Goods Wallet: The website admin will charge this wallet once you transfer any USD Tether to your account.


Commissions: It shows all commission fees belonging to you, whether it’s deducted (red items) or added (green items). Red items are the commissions transferred by the admin to pay you. If your reward amount in “Balance” exceeds 30, you can send a request to receive it. 

Important Notice: Release requests can be created only on Saturdays from 00:01 to 23:59.


Cryptocurrency: This is your crypto wallet. If you purchase a package including “Coin Freezing,” your frozen crypto asset will be shown here.


11-You can find the “Release request” option in the profile tab. It lets you submit requests to receive your commission.


If you haven’t provided any wallet address or the address is incorrect, the system won’t send the amount to you. You can submit a release request in case you have more than 30$ in your commission wallet balance that it’s not been transferred to your address while it’s Saturday.


Click “Add,” insert the amount and your public key, then press “Submit.” The amount will be sent to the correct address within 72 hrs.

12- In the “Orders” tab, you can find all your purchases and check the details of each one by clicking on the “Order List” sub-menu. Also, you can see your subsets’ purchases in “Order Lists of Sub-set.”

13- Sale Group includes two different parts: Virtual Group & Sales Amount Report;

The first part shows the subsets, and the second provides a report of their purchased products.

You can sweep the button from “Update Information” to “Period Breakdown.” It allows you to check the status of the entire purchases or study each period separately. 

A Period in the OxiTrader system means seven starting from Monday at 00:01 to Sunday at 23:59. Every Sunday, the system 

14- Commissions: This section shows all the rewards acquired to you. You can use the Filter option to check a particular period or type.

15- Features: This tab provides other services to facilitate the user experience associated with this platform. 


  • Inbox: You can write a new message or follow up on your previous requests in this section. When trying to send a new message, pay attention to choosing the most related category based on your request. Selecting the wrong one may lead your message to an irrelevant department. In that case, the system may be unable to respond or provide a solution. 

In the next step, briefly explain the problem in the “Description” box, attach a valid ID card and click “Submit.” They usually answer the requests within 24hrs.

When you receive a response from Oxi Admin, don’t forget to reply to the same message via “Send Reply” and not open a new discussion. 

OxiTrader Departments are defined as below:


  • Financial: This department supports users having any financial issues associated with the Oxi platform, especially regarding their commissions or contract extension. 


  • Technical: The tech team is responsible for any technical issues that users may face, such as encountering locked pages or problems with their positions.


  • Other: In case non of these categories covers your problem, you can select “Other.”


  • Orders: When you need to submit any request regarding the Orders, you must select this category.


  • Register: All requests about the registration process or positions should be submitted under this category.


  • Wallet charge request: You must select this category when you want the system to charge your Goods Wallet.


  • Edit info: Editing your information might need approval from the OxiTrader security team. In that case, you must select this item and upload proof, such as an ID card.


  • RC: Once you decide to terminate a contract still in progress, you must send your RC (Reclaim Contract) request to the mentioned department.

Important notice: Terminating a contract before the expiration date causes deducting a penalty in addition to the Handling and License fee from your balance. The rest (about 80%) will be paid to you directly.


  • Edit wallet address: Remember that you only can enter your wallet address once! To edit this item, you must ask the support to change the address for you. Also, you must do the KYC procedure for such an operation.


  • License: If you had any issue with your license code, mention this department to solve the problem.


  • FC: Any issue related to the “Finished Contract” is assigned to the FC department. Select this category to claim your fund once a contract is ended.


  • Transgressive: Any OxiTrader user has no right to violate any other OxiTrader user’s rights or try to mislead or deceive others in any form. In case such issues happen, the user can send a complaint statement against the offender to the support team. In such cases, you must select the “Transgressive” title. 

  • Note & Reminder: By clicking “Add,” you can set a reminder or write a note that helps you remind essential items:

  • Referral Link: The most important option in this section is the “REFERRAL LINK” that lets you create a referral code.

To build a referral link, click “Add” and insert the direct or indirect Overhead code. Then select the considered sub-set position and press “Submit. If the position is still vacant, your submission will be completed successfully.


Attention: Check the user’s name and surname carefully to avoid mistakes.

16- Store: In the header, you also can see “Store” on the menu. You can check all products and compare different packages before selecting one. 

OxiTrader supports two payment methods; Goods Wallet (Oxi’s local wallet processing the payment through Bixbpay API) or BIXB Wallet, which directly connects you to your BIXB web wallet. Both methods do the same operation, and once you make the payment, it will show you a confirmation message as below:

Although working with the OxiTrader website may seem a little challenging for newbies, it is worth trying this investment platform and earning from the different opportunities it provides to the users.