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Meet the Hero Girl!

Hero Girl is an NFT collection based on Polygon.

Each Hero Girl is an ERC-721 standard NFT built on the Polygon network. It is designed and minted by MetaVita. All items in this collection are non-fungible Tokens, meaning they are all unique and cannot be traded for other cryptocurrencies. Each Hero Girl has 16 selectable characteristics, including:

1. Background

2. Tail

3. Horn

4. Body and wings

5. Tattoo

6. Knife

7. Necklaces

8. Eyes

9. Lips

10. Glasses

11. Bra

12. Neck Scarf

13. Hair

14. Earrings

15. Hat

16. Skirt

Each of these items includes more than 800 different models. For example, you can see that a Hero Girl NFT can have blue, red, brown, and green hair and many other specifications. Each item has a specific number. So, if you select unique items, your NFT might be statistically rarer than the others.

Usually, rarer characteristics make the transaction price of the Hero Girl go even higher. When you put all the features of a Hero Girl NFT together, you can price it based on its scarcity. In other words, a Hero Girl with a rarer set of traits will be priced higher than a Hero Girl with typical characteristics.

NFTs have various values these days. Some have not grown, and some have become very valuable, a deal that tempts any interested person in the industry to own one token out of 10,000 tokens from a collection. Tokens with no particular practical use case are meant as collectibles, as we’ve seen in the real world for art, stamps, or coins. Currently, non-fungible tokens, built for various purposes, are grown significantly. In fact, it seems this trend is going to continue.

To visit the Hero Girl collection, please check its official page on OpenSea:

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