Loanypto Loan Platform

Loanypto is a decentralized lending platform that needs neither credit checks nor a guarantor for lending to its users. Users will repay their loan with interest in a specific time. Different packages offering different conditions are available for everyone, anywhere. Although Loanypto is a simple and user-friendly website, please read this tutorial carefully before use to make sure you have comprehensive knowledge about this financial platform.

  1. Go to


  1. Click on “Sign Up.”

  1. Insert your name, email address, and reference code, and type a unique password including numbers, capital letters & special characters twice, check the confirmation box and then press “Register.”

  1. Loanypto will send a confirmation to your email once you sign up. Go to your email; if you can’t find it in your inbox, don’t forget to check the spam folder. 

  1. On the received email, click “Confirm Email.” It will redirect you to the Loanypto website again.

  1. After the first login to your account, making it secure is the first and most important step that shouldn’t be neglected! In order to activate the security protocols, visit the “Security” page and choose one of the options below:

  1. After ensuring your account’s comprehensive security, you’re ready to start the procedure. To select a loan plan that perfectly meets your preferred conditions and needs, go to “Loan Plans,” read the details and specific requirements of each one carefully, and select your desired package. 

  1. You must transfer a certain BIXB amount as collateral based on chosen plan requirements. Click “Deposit” on your dashboard to see your deposit address. Copy the address or scan the QR code to transfer the required amount from a wallet or exchange to your Loanypto account (Make sure the amount covers the transaction fee). After transferring BIXB to your account, the amount will be shown in the “Balance” section. Everything is ready to request a loan right now!

  1. Now, you can see your fund on “Total Ballance,” which lets you apply for the related plan. Choose the loan package, insert the required amount (a number between the minimum and maximum amount declared in the description), and press “Accept.”

  1. After receiving the confirmation, you can find the details in “Active Plans” on your dashboard. By clicking on “View,” you can see more information about the applied plan.

  1. Once a plan is activated, loanypto calculates your loan automatically (equal to 70% of the purchase amount of the selected package) that is available as “Free Balance.” You can immediately access and withdraw the loan amount; go to “Wallet” on the left menu and click “Withdraw.” Insert your deposit address copied from any wallet, insert the amount considering the blockchain fee, and click “ Coin Transfer.”. 

  1. You can view transfer history on the “Wallet” menu by “Transaction History.”

  1. To find your installment details and invoices, go to the “Loan” menu and click on “List & Payments.”  

  1. By clicking on “View,” you will get a complete report about the related invoice, including the status. There’s a “Print” option that lets you save this information.

  1. As you undoubtedly noticed, working with Loanypto is not challenging, and you can simply enjoy using a user-friendly platform. Still, they will quickly respond to your tickets if you face any issues or have any requests. You can submit a ticket in two easy steps: Go to “Support” and click on “New Ticket” as below: