BixB Linux Wallet

1_ Go to 


2_in the “Desktop app” section choose “download for Linux”  

4_extarct the downloaded file 

5_click on the application icon to enter the wallet 



1_ purpose of this window is to inform you that the recent transactions may not be visible yet there for your balance may be incorrect 

2_click on “hide” to close this window 



1_this is the “overview” window. In this section you can check your balance 

2_Available: this is the usable amount of your balance 

3_Pending: this is the amount that is in the process of transaction  

4_total: the total amount of your balance (Available + Pending) 



1_” receive” window is for generate a receiving address 

2_ first field is “label” that is for labeling for transaction book 

3_” amount” section is the amount that you would like to receive 

4_please attention that filling all fields are optional 

5_in the “request payment history” section you can see list of your requests  

6_click on “request payment” to generate the receiving address 



1_in the “receiving address” window you can see the information about the transaction 

2_you can copy the address from the “address” section or scan the QR code 



1_in the “Send” section you are able to send the preferred amount to another wallet 

2_in the “pay to” section enter the receiving wallet address 

3_” label” section is for labeling your transaction  

4_in the “amount” section enter the amount that you want to send 

5_click on the “send” button 



1_this is the “transaction” window 

2_ in this window you can see information about each transaction